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Why Join our Network? 

If you are a business entity, ministry, or professional who seeks to positively impact the continent of Africa, we encourage you to become a part of our network of coaches. We are a dynamic, growing organization dedicated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in Africa and around the world. We seek to provide an avenue that will offer balanced and comprehensive leadership training that builds an individual's capacity, as well as the collective capacities of the participants, to strengthen community life. Achieving this goal depends on the commitment of experts like you. We seek to form alliances with professionals worldwide who want to make an impact through their profession and through their faith. By joining our network of coaches, you are declaring your commitment to contribute to the furtherance of the Kingdom of God in the African continent. Read more about our Coach Membership Benefits.

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Joining EACN as a Network Coach helps increase your exposure to both individuals and organizations. Your profile will be on display on our website with a link to your home web page, in front of thousands of our members looking for coaches in their areas. This will also increase traffic to your own website. EACN searchable directory of coaches provides the information to match the appropriate coach with the client, depending on the client's needs. Since coaches often specialize in various areas, it's a good idea for the prospective client to shop around for the coach with the most experience and combination of qualities they seek. Leveraging our platform and network will help you find new clients and partners.


Join as an Associate Coach and extend your “client reach” beyond the local community. EMPOWER AFRICA members and potential clients are worldwide, often in need of coaches elsewhere. Boost your credibility, legitimacy, differentiating yourself from other coaches whose exposure is limited to the local market. As an Associate Coach, you will benefit from a central office focused on marketing and brand building. We will proactively help you gain high visibility of your practice through our strong marketing efforts, including newsletters, email outreach, media contacts, web links, direct business contacts, and other advertising avenues. This membership level also offers a free personal Website design to help you expand your visibility worldwide.


As a Partner Coach, you have exclusive privileges to conduct workshops or serve as a coach at EMPOWER AFRICA special events. You will garner the respect and recognition of the coaching community as you present to Empower Africa members and the public on a wide variety of topics. This membership level also offers a free personal Website, your company logo in the “Sponsor Section “on our Website, and special recognition in opening remarks at EMPOWER AFRICA’s events. Other privileges include free admission to our special luncheon meetings featuring engaging and informative speakers, which increase your professional credibility and provide opportunities to network with coaches and related professionals.

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