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What we offer

Empower Africa Global Leadership Summit
EAGLE Summit is an event geared toward establishing a growing and flourishing global African Diaspora through effective leadership training and economic empowerment. The mission of this event is to strengthen the local communities through economic development by way of effective networking, leadership training, economic education, workshops and training of youth, creatively addressing the unique leadership challenges of the African communities worldwide. Also, the summit works to empower people to become financially literate and economically self-sufficient, through the development and facilitation of programmatic initiatives which address the educational and technical needs of adults, youth and the broader community.
Empower Africa Youth Mentoring Program
This program provides multiple opportunities for young people to observe leadership skills in action, develop awareness of qualities of civic responsibilities, and explore career opportunities. Civic leadership and responsibility focuses on the importance of participating in and giving back to the community. The scope of this program is to develop a positive self-perception, identify smart career goals, develop a personal brand, develop skills to influence others and build and manage a support network. These programs expose young people to role models and new ways of thinking about how they approach life, academic and career development and leadership.
Empower Africa Business Development Program
Our Business Development Program is a comprehensive 24-month business training and coaching program designed for African business owners who want to build sustainable companies that help to create employment opportunities for the community. The mission of E.A.B.D.P. is to identify, prepare, involve, empower and sustain African entrepreneurs who are committed and positioned to address community challenges within their respective local community. The goal of this program is to create an environment where experienced entrepreneurs are challenged to explore new leadership concepts and opportunities that will create sustainable companies that benefit the community through economic growth and job creation.
Empower Africa Global Business Forum
This forum will benefit successful African entrepreneurs eager to tap into the global market. The forum is aimed to attract investors and companies from various parts of the world that are seeking future business opportunities. E.A.G.B.F. is considered to be a golden opportunity for African companies to raise their brands to an international level and explore business opportunities. The Forum will provide an environment for the African companies to update, educate and align themselves with local, state, national, and international communities with entrepreneurial developments that positively impact the future of African-owned businesses.
Empower Africa Strategic Think Tank
This is a forum that will serve as a catalyst to engage and harness the collective brainpower of our best and brightest. This unique, collaborative and intellectual effort will be based on a series of brainstorming experiences to explore new ideas, opportunities and challenges for the future of Africans around the world. Contributors will participate in extensive discussions about the most effective ways to promote solidarity among all people of Africans worldwide and to support the growth and socioeconomic advancement of the African Global Community.
Empower Africa Coaching Network
EMPOWER AFRICA Coaching Network (EACN) is an association of professional coaches devoted to the support of its members and to the advancement of professional coaching standards and ethics in the coaching industry. 
Forum for African Women in Business and Leadership
This forum focuses on preparing, promoting, supporting, and mentoring professional women, by creating a participative and rigorous learning environment where women choose to transform themselves from good managers to extraordinary leaders. The mission of the Conference is to cultivate and enrich women's professional experience, enhance career networks for women, and celebrate the remarkable strengths women bring to the market place. The conference brings together successful businesswomen, leaders, professionals, students, and thriving entrepreneurs from all over the world to connect, discuss, and learn more about issues facing women. Attendees have the opportunity to gain new insight into workplace trends, opportunities, and challenges, and to leave with ideas, solutions and resources to be a more effective leader.
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