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Scholarships in the amount of $150 will be given to qualified young professionals and students to cover the cost of attendance at the conference. The amount sponsored will dictate the number of scholarships offered. You will be recognized with your logo on the conference banner and on the website as a sponsorand all scholarship winners will be identified as "Your Company's" Fellows. 
Sponsorship benefits also include discount on conference exhibitor space. 



EMPOWER AFRICA Global Leadership Summit (EAGLE Summit) is an event whose mission is to strengthen the local communities through economic development by way of effective networking, leadership training, economic education, workshops and training of youth, creatively addressing the unique leadership challenges of the African communities worldwide. The EAGLE Summit includes workshops for entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals, youth, and women. Our vision is to position this event as the leading forum for the empowerment of the African continent. This Forum attracts participants from around the globe who share an interest in and commitment to promoting socioeconomic development in Africa.
Aligning your business with the EAGLE Summit is notably good for the community, but is good for business as well. Your association with this event can help reach and impact thousands of affluent attendees and create brand experiences in a non-traditional way. Sponsors reach a highly educated, affluent and well-traveled audience while supporting EMPOWER AFRICA’s Programs. There are many different levels of sponsorship available to match almost any size budget.




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